Free Product Consulting for Impact-Focused Founders
For founders like you that are making a difference:
I’m offering four 1.5 hour pro bono product consultations this month.
There’s no catch. I simply have some extra time at the moment, want to pitch in with people I believe in, and benefit from the learning I’ll gain from working with you.
What I bring to the table
I don’t have all the answers. I do I have 15 years of experience designing products and, more recently, leading product teams. I’ve co-founded four small companies, consulted with big ones, and grew a start-up team from 5 to 45. Too few of my projects achieved deep ethical impact, internally and externally. Reflecting on this has strengthened my commitment to center and prioritize  meaningful work towards social justice and sustainability.
I’m queer and non-binary. I frequently pass for white, cis, and hetero. A lot of my life is entangled with being a parent and partner. I’ve lived with disabilities, I recently got a masters degree, my father came to Canada as a Moroccan refugee and was married for a while to my white mother. I say this to explain that I’ve code switched across fringes while also benefiting from a lot of privileges. 
Chances are we can find some points of deep empathy between us and build on that foundation.
How I can help 
I would love to listen, collaborate, and facilitate. Let’s,
•   embrace your vision’s capacity to help clarify all the big and small choices you face
•   identify some key processes that will free up time, increase confidence in your bets, and lower your stress levels
•   understand what you can, uniquely and specifically, bring to your customers that they will deeply value and delight in
Along the way I can also offer tangible and actionable feedback on your product itself. We’ll combine our skills and passion and your vision to find opportunities to make the thing you’re creating even better.