Awesome Shield
Being a co-founder of a bootstrapped company was a masterclass in working quickly, efficiently, and creatively. I was our product guy – owning the overall user experience, our app, and product marketing. Our landing pages had conversion rates of over 50%. Our playful and authentic videos (below) had unheard of play-through rates of 93%.
We started a local learn-to-code meetup (1.6k members at its peak and the largest coding meetup in Berlin at the time). We used these events to connect with our community: product testing, community building, and source authentic marketing imagery. Working in the trenches gave us a deep understanding of our audience and we built a very strong brand on top of this. 
We leveraged our brand and community as a ground-swell that supported us in a smashingly successful Kickstarter campaign: reaching our goal reached in 3 days and ultimately 2.3 Xing our funding goal.
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